Interior or indoor temperature is the range of air temperatures that usually people prefer for the indoor setting which gives the feeling of warmth and comfort. The word optimum refers to the centre point, which is not inclined towards any extreme. So, the simple meaning of optimum interior temperature would be that the atmosphere inside should not be in extremes of hot and cold, rather should strike a balance.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has reached a standard of comfort and warmth for all across the globe which is 18℃ or 64℉. But again, owing to diversity, it is not practically possible to decide one fixed optimum interior temperature for the whole world. It would vary from country to country and also from person to person.

Therefore, a range is chosen instead of a specific value for optimum room temperature by ticking the basic criterions for an ideal interior temperature. The list could include the level of comfort at that temperature, no extremes (not too hot and not too cold), suits in almost all seasons, should suit all kinds of people, should cover the geographic aspect, etc. So the optimum interior temperature ranges from 18℃ to 25℃ or 64℉ to 77℉.

Nowadays there are so many tools available to set the temperature according to what we want it to be. There are air conditioners, heaters, coolers, and so many things. The same house can have different temperatures in different rooms owing to these machines.
If it is hot, AC is switched on and the actual temperature of 25 or 26℃ could be converted to 18℃ within minutes. Or if the temperature is falling down then heaters are there to increase the warmth. So in this era, we have developed technology to optimize interior temperature artificially according to our own needs.

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But these artificial methods are harmful to nature and therefore we should find natural temperatures that suit us without artificially bothering the natural process.


The grey colour is a timeless beauty which is the representation of sophistication and practicality of nature. The shade has both extremes of dark and light scale as well and hence is treated as a neutral colour.

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There are a few colours that seem to be the best-suited for the grey colour. These colours match and balance the values of the grey colour. Some of them are presented below.

  1. Soft Ivory
    The shades of grey are usually more calming and relaxed which look visually more appealing. To add a softer tone to this sharp one, soft shades of Ivory would suit the best with a slight pinch of off whites as well. The whole combination will give the most amazing sophisticated appearance to the house.
  2. Grassy Green
    When chosen correctly, the contrasting colours work out as the best match for the house. One such example is of neutral elegant grey with a contrastingly bright grassy green. The green shade adds freshness and vibrancy to the grey.
  3. Cherry Red
    Again working in contrast, cherry red colour can also add an aesthetic value to the house when used with grey colour. The extravagantly vibrant red which is known for its bold nature when combined with the colour of luxury and sophistication, grey, makes a treat to look at. Its contrasting nature becomes the unique feature about it that makes the combination stand out.
  4. Mint Green
    Another shade from the same side of the colour palette is the mint green. It combines the lighter shades of green and blue with slight pinch of white to distinguish it as a light shade. The lighter shade with a neutral shade pair can never go wrong. The combination of mint green and grey would suit the interiors and the house.
  5. Violet
    Yet another colour from the opposite side of the colour palette to suit the grey is the violet colour. This colour when used with a darker shade of grey, works like a charm. It appears sophisticated, classy, and fresh at the same time.


Living rooms are the first place that people see when they enter your house, it is the space for general and everyday use.


Everyone likes to keep their living room stylish and re-design it often to maintain the spark of freshness and newness.
But often there isn’t enough budget to be spent on the living room. However, there are ways to re-design the living room, that doesn’t involve spending a lump sum amount.


Some of these ways are listed below.

  • Change the layout
    Re-designing the room does not always involve buying expensive stuff and bringing new things. Changing the layout of the living room, with shuffling the things already present there to a new location. The whole set up becomes completely different with even minor changes in the layout.
  • Adding little accessories
    Instead of changing the big stuff like the couches, or stereo, or something like that, adding little accessories to the living room also gives it a completely different look. The accessories could be a photo wall, various kinds of cushions, a small plant, pots, etc. all of which can also be self-made.
  • Re-do the flooring
    The floor takes up the major portion of the living room. So re-doing the flooring is a good idea to re-design the room. Getting a carpet, changing the tiles, giving a different texture, etc. are some of the non-expensive tricks to re-do flooring which is a great idea to re-design a living room.
  • Fresh coat of paint
    Never underestimate the power of a paint coating. A fresh coat of paint can completely change the way the living room looks. Besides that, painting is a quick, easy, cheap, and very effective tool to re-design the living room.
  • Alter the lightings
    Altering or changing the light system of the room plays a major role in giving it a complete makeover. It is a very low cost, easy idea to re-design the living room. Changes in lighting can change the whole atmosphere, mood, and ambience of the room.

VENTILATION – Do we need it? How to cut cost on it?

Ventilation is referred to as the provision of fresh air or the ability to allow an exchange of the indoor air and the outdoor air. This keeps the space fresh and cool and also does not seal small bacteria or unwanted germs and gases inside the house. It is the house’s way of breathing.

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The ventilation is a very important aspect of a healthy environment of a house. It is very necessary to have a well-ventilated space. It holds importance because it provides fresh oxygen and dilutes pollutants like carbon dioxide, odour, etc.

We have often seen this while cooking something that releases smoke or steam, it is suggested to open the windows or the doors to allow the fresh air to come in and smoky or steamy air to get out. That is basically the concept of ventilation. It is very much required for the indoors to remain fresh, healthy, and protected.

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Long ago, there was no need for us to put extra efforts in setting up a ventilation system. But today with our walls being so thick, the difference in housing materials, and so many more changes, we need a properly planned system that can regulate the ventilation of the house which is costing us a handsome amount.

But there are ways to cut the costs of the ventilation in your home. For instance, we can go natural. The first way to cut costs on a high budgeted house ventilation system to keep things as natural as possible. Planting indoor trees, using windows and doors, no extensive use of mechanical machinery that emits heat, etc. are all ways that can prevent the house to heat up and keep the air fresh with good ventilation.

Secondly, keep the ventilation only up till its required. Otherwise, it is a fact that extensive ventilation would increase cost because the amount of air going out has to be replaced with the same amount and also the fans, exhausts, etc., use more electricity if overused, thus increasing its cost.

Thirdly, mechanical ventilators can help to cut costs if treated sensibly, maintained well, given rest, with an appropriate flow. If not required, this mechanical ventilation can be put to rest with a reduced or negligible flow when not in use.

Lastly, to keep ventilation costs in control, it is important to keep a regular check and put in regular maintenance so that the system does not break down or cause other issues that would cost way more.


Every day there are so many inventions and technological advancements made that it is impossible to keep an update on every little thing. There might be something unusual yet incredibly helpful that could enhance and make your kitchen experience memorable and convenient.


These are so many newest and coolest inventions that we have never heard of before. Some of those are given below.

  • Zoodle Slicer
    This unique device known as a zoodle slicer is a device that cuts vegetables into noodle-like shape in just one quick and simple motion. It operates fine with carrots, sweet potato, zucchini, cucumber, turnips, etc. The motion is similar to that of sharpening a pencil. It is an excellent aid for people who are on a diet to make instant vegetable noodles, which look attractive and are healthy and does not tempt them to eat something else. It is a great option, one singular motion can turn vegetables into spiral-shaped vegetable noodles.
  • 3 in 1 Breakfast Station
    The 3 in 1 Breakfast Station is one amazing invention that helps to cook a full-fledged meal on one single electronic device/machine. It contains a coffee maker, a non-stick griddle, and also a multi-functional toaster. This is a one-stop station for the meal. It is very useful, saves energy, and gas as well since everything is cooked on the same device.
  • Steel Garlic Press
    When using garlic in any recipe it often creates a lot of mess and is always troublesome. The steel garlic press is a revolutionary invention that eliminates all the hassles related to garlic usage. The device peels and minces garlic with just one press without any trouble.
  • Automatic Sauce Stirrer
    We have often burnt our hand stirring liquids on a hot stove. This hassle has come to an end with this advancement. This is a battery-operated device that can be kept in the vessel full of liquids like soup, sauce, etc. that will stir the liquid properly with three different controlled motions.
  • Butter Bot
    Another in the list of never heard devices is the Butter Bot. It is a robot-shaped device that helps in applying butter on corn, toasts etc. without creating any mess and without the need of any utensils. This is also one of the helpful kitchen devices that we have never heard of.


There is a trend going on nowadays to fill homes with attractive indoor plants. Apart from adding an attractive or aesthetic value to the house, these plants also help in creating a positive atmosphere at home, cleanse the air and help in purification.

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Some of the plants given below are the ones that are best known for their air-purifying qualities.

  1. Golden Pothos
    Also known as the Devil’s Ivy, the Golden Pothos is a good choice for indoor plants as it is known to clean the surrounding air and purify it by absorbing the identified air pollutants. Apart from this, it also adds vibrant colour to the place it is kept in.
  2. Dwarf Date Palm
    Apart from the beauty that it spreads in the room that it is kept in, the dwarf date palm also has a feature to remove toxin like formaldehyde and xylene from the surrounding air.
  3. Philodendron
    These indoor plants with heart-shaped leaves and a green fresh look are tougher than they appear. They absorb the formaldehyde, a type of pollutant present in the air and enhance the process of air purification.
  4. Chrysanthemums
    These indoor plants Chrysanthemum are also known as mums or disbuds. They are titled to be one of the best air purifiers that soak in harmful pollutants like ammonia, benzene, xylene, and formaldehyde. These are a little high maintenance but definitely worth maintaining.
  5. Boston Fern
    These indoor plants are easy to grow. They have sword-shaped leaves that give it an attractive look. Along with beauty, it is also an air purifier that absorbs xylene and formaldehyde and releases fresh and clean air.
  6. Areca Plants
    Most suitable for larger places, Areca plants are known as a power-pact air purifier as it holds the capability to clear toxins like benzene, carbon monoxide, xylene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde. It works most effectively and efficiently.
  7. Pineapple Plant
    We’ve always heard the name in the list of fruits but the pineapple plant is also a great choice for indoor plantings. Though it does not remove or cleanse any air pollutants, they are studies to release oxygen, fresh air at night and also known to improve the quality of sleep of the members of the house.
  8. Snake Plant
    The snake plant is a kind of indoor plant that can grow up to 2 metres of height. It has narrow and long leaves’ structure and is a low maintenance plant that cleanses toxins like formaldehyde, xylene, benzyne, and trichloroethylene.


Home is the place where a person gets the maximum amount of comfort and convenience in each and every action. It has a sense of belongingness and there are a few things that we just cannot live without.
These are a few devices that are very helpful in our daily chores and have become an integral part of our daily lives and it is certainly not possible to imagine days without them.

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These must-have devices at home include the following that are listed down below.

  1. Lightings
    The lighting devices are an integral system that is required in every household. There is no alternative to the lighting devices, we need it every day. At the dusk, when the daylight starts to diminish, the first device we need are these. So these are undoubtedly essentials of life.
  2. Gas/Microwave
    Another must-have home appliance is a gas stove alternatively a microwave. Either of them are a very important part of the house where the meals can be cooked. Since meals are obviously an everyday business, the gas/microwave are something we cannot go a day without.
  3. Washing Machine
    This is the machine used to clean and wash the clothes. We need clothes daily and it is not possible to reuse clothes without washing them and doing it manually is very time-consuming and difficult on a daily basis. So this is a blessing and has become a necessity for every household.
  4. Vacuum Cleaner
    Every day there are so many dust particles and unwanted things that enter our house. This vacuum cleaner is a device that can help us clean the house and make it spotless. It is a great invention since it saves time, works efficiently, and effortlessly. So this is one of the must-have devices at home.
  5. WiFi
    In this era of digitalization, smart homes, artificial intelligence, and the internet, a WiFi device has shifted from being a luxury to be a necessity. It has become a must-have device in every house. It has a wide usage like providing an internet connection, operating smart appliances, and the list will go on till infinity. So the WiFi is an essential device that every home must have in this era.

5 Reasons To Re-Decorate The Living Room

Decoration is the process of creating a background for a specific room or space. It actually brings out the personality of people that live in and the thoughts that are surrounded. It determines the mood of the house.

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But it sometimes becomes necessary to alter or change the decoration again in the living room to re-create the magic and keep the ambience and atmosphere lively and fresh. To list a few reasons to re-decorate the living room, we can think of the following.

  1. Maintain the newness
    There are so many fresh and glam looks for the houses that are launched in the market every now and then. An old interior decoration may just look extremely obsolete and so not in style. Updating and re-decorating the living room is a great option to remain up to date and relevant. This also helps in maintaining the spark of newness and freshness in the house and does not allow boredom to reflect in the house.
  2. Update accessories
    Many a time we do not realise that we have been keeping the same few accessories and things in the living room that have been there since so many years and have absolutely gone old and damaged. So when you plan to re-decorate the living room, you may so many upgrades and modifications and let the creativity flow again.
  3. Creating better first impressions
    The living room is the first space or a room that is seen after entering the house. It is the first impression that is created of the home and as it is rightly said, “First impressions are the last impressions.”
    An outdated obsolete interior may leave a bad impression. So regularly re-decorating the spaces like living rooms is necessary.
  4. Upgrading to better options
    Many times we do not realise how much we spend in maintaining the old things, accessories, and devices that we have kept since ages. And there are so many alternatives present in the market that can replace the articles with lower maintenance. For example, traditional incandescent lights can be replaced with LED bulbs, the ceiling’s and wall’s leaking can be stopped without repairing by painting them again, etc.
  5. Enhancing the house’s value
    The interior of the house is a good criterion to measure the value of the house. For instance, we someone decides to put the house on sale, the better interior and furnishing will boost up the market value of the house. Therefore investing in the interiors regularly is a great opportunity to also enhance the value of the house.
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The list can go on and all these are very important considerations to be thought of and the choice of re-decorating the living room should definitely be taken up.