The interior decorations have always been a major factor determining the mood, ambience, and the atmosphere of the house.
Any up and down in the decor may create significant differences in the house that may absolutely ruin the whole purpose of decoration.

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Some of these decoration fails are presented below.

  1. No attention paid to the functionality
    We can all agree that each room is created with a specific function in mind. Neglecting or paying no attention to the purpose of the room and then stuffing it with every kind of furniture, appliances, accessories, and so much more but forgetting what it was actually made for.
    Like a room made for a temple and divine purposes does not need a wardrobe, bed, clothes lying around, electrical appliances, stereo speakers, etc. It all forgets the main point of the room which is a big decoration fail.
  2. Poor lighting
    We have come across numerous times about the importance of a good lighting system and how it is necessary for the perfect clarity and vision inside the house. A major set back in the lighting system at home can be a huge decor fail considering that there won’t be appropriate light to look at the decor and the bad lightings can completely ruin the creation. Poor lightings is a big turn off.
  3. Too much theme-centric
    Holding on to one particular theme is a good option but going overboard with it is not. Trying too much may involve extra efforts but has negative results. Everything similar to each other without any contrast or difference will almost create a space that would not have any features of good looks. So focusing too much on the theme and going extravaganza on it is not recommended.
  4. Art clutter
    The art pieces and accessories in the room are meant to be pleasant and an attractive showpiece. It is not supposed to create a feeling of disgust. Putting too many artistic works and loads of accessories and appliances in the same room creates an art clutter. The things meant to highlight and enhance the room become the reason for the decoration fail of the room. Also cluttering of these arts brings down the value of each art as they are not individually taken benefit of or are not individually seen, they lose their identity in the clutter.
  5. Mismanaged appliances
    Nowadays there is no room with zero electrical appliances or other devices. The mismanagement of those is a big decoration fail. The mismanagement includes huge clutter of wirings hanging out at one place, misfit in the room, no proper provisions for its use, etc. All these little details may impact the whole decoration of the space.