Best materials to use for floors in your house

Best materials to use for floors in your house

When we buy a house or we want to remodel the one we already have, choosing what type of
floor it will have is clearly not an easy decision, since it is not enough to imagine what our floor
will look like with the material we choose, You always consider the style The whole house and
in particular the space where the floor will be installed so that it does not break with the
harmony you are looking for. If it is a question of the best materials to use for floors in your
house, there are different types and include:

Wood floors

wood floors
These types of floors are characterized by their long durability, they can be placed anywhere in
the house especially in which there is a lot of people flow. They give warmth to single-person
and cold environments. However, wood is a material that requires an investment to ensure its
quality and durability. You must also hire trained professionals who know and respect the
processes of both installation and drying, since this is essential if you want to get a good job. In
the market you can find wooden floors with varied finishes to choose from such as elegant,
classic, modern or rustic finishes.

Smooth Cement Floor

smooth cement floor
In recent years the cement floor has been one of the most requested when remodeling or
building a house, due to its low economic value and does not require major maintenance. They
are characterized mainly because they are modern, durable and resistant. In addition they can
be painted in many colors and can even be plasticized. They can be installed anywhere in the
house but requires special treatment to ensure their durability, as they tend to break or lose

Ceramic floors

ceramic tile
This is a material dedicated to elegant spaces and designs. Fortunately there is a wide variety
of designs that can be adapted to the space and type of use you require. In highly traveled
spaces such as shopping centers, the so-called porcelain tile is used, which is characterized by
being very resistant.

Marble floors

marble flooring
This material is the great favorite of decorators and architects since in addition to its elegant
and beautiful appearance it is ideal for those looking for a sober home, it is highly resistant and
adaptable to any type of floor since it perfectly withstands humidity and temperature changes,
which makes it more durable than other materials. The marble floors also provide uniformity
and give an aspect of natural shine that you will love. They are ideal for large interiors.
Because of their texture, they can be somewhat slippery when wet, so they are recommended
for homes without children, pets or the elderly. They have good resistance to daily traffic,
although they require maintenance from time to time so that they do not look worn. They can
be placed in blocks, in cut tiles or in small pieces, such as cobblestone, joined together with

Stone floors

stone floor
The stone is a material of high resistance thanks to its characteristics from nature. Ideal for
outdoor spaces and high aesthetic impact inside where it manages to create moisture resistant
surfaces. It also has the ability to serve as a thermal insulator especially when it comes to hot
climates since the stone keeps the environments cool.

Parquet floors

parquet floor
The parquet are wooden boards that are placed next to each other forming a pattern, varying
its design as the pieces can be in different sizes, but all maintain a geometric design. These
floors are ideal if you want your home to look clean and bright, if you take the time to properly
polish the wood; This material requires specific care and constant maintenance so that it always
looks in perfect condition. They are sensitive to shocks and scratches, but have the advantage
of being easily repaired.