It is needless to say that the exteriors of the house are the first thing that is seen, even before entering the house. So the paints that are coloured on the exterior walls should be welcoming, pleasant, and inviting.


There are certain colour combinations which are effective and best suited for the exterior house paints. These colour combinations include the following listed below.

  • Ivory + White + Aqua
    This colour combination of lighter shades with a dark touch gives an elegant, formal, and rich look to the house that shows a lighter shade of olive green colour. It is peaceful, soothing, and eye-pleasing which is pretty much the expectations from the outdoor paints.
  • Wooden Brown + Stone Grey + Light Grey
    Being the nearest to all the colours of nature, this three make a fresh and lovely exterior look for modern homes. It has all the tones of shades with a vibrant family of colours which is a plus point. It gives the house an attractive look and it appears as if it belongs to nature which is kind of enduring and adorable.
  • Ocean Blue + White
    The ocean blue colour is a darker scale and more elegant shade of the blue family. It is full of possibilities and can be moulded in various designs which all appear classy. When combined with white, it adds a lighter tone to the shade which balances out the equation.
  • Orange + Grey
    The orange colour has a very welcoming vibe. It is energetic, cheerful, positive, and active colour. And the grey colour represents calmness, silence, and depth. These unique features of both these colours make them a great colour combination to be used for outside house paints.
  • Maroon + Dusty Gold
    Maroon has always been an underrated colour of the red shade family. It has so much potential. A nice light maroon colour with a slight dusty golden colour can never go out of style. The dusty golden is not that pure glittery golden, it is the softer tone of it. Hence these two would make a very attractive outside home painting combination.