A smart toilet is referred to an intelligent breed of toilets that are capable of working on smart technology of automation for certain tasks which were done manually earlier.
Flushing the toilet after use, moving the seat up and down, in-built LED bulbs, remotes and music, self-cleaning, maintaining appropriate temperatures so as to prevent unhygienic growth of bacterias, and more.

The real question is whether this upgrade is necessary or not. If saving water and space in the bathroom is one of the agendas, then smart toilets are most certainly the best choice. But the only disadvantage of the smart toilet that is thought of is the extremely expensive costs of installation and maintenance.

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But once installed, prove to be worth the cost. There are many options that you may choose to buy it from. The places that you choose to purchase the appliances for the smart toilet should be a reliable source, known, authorised dealership, and a legal license holder.

Nowadays everything has shifted to online. There is each and every product available online that you need and see in stores. The items get delivered to you at home without you having to go out in search for them. The smart toilets can also be brought home using these online services but only from reputed and known buyers and not from any random site. Since the cost is very high, you shouldn’t trust any site and confirm it’s genuineness before buying the smart toilet.

These smart toilets can be purchased from any store with toilet or bathroom appliances. The store should hold certain credibility, offer guarantee and warranty, maintenance services, installation services, etc.
This purchasing from the shops seems a better option sometimes owing sheerly to the fact that we can physically check and see the features of the smart toilet. Since it is so expensive, it is good to get it from someone or someplace that you trust because even a minor technicality error can cause huge problems.
So there are both the options of buying the smart toilet online as well from the stores near you. Both ways have their own advantages and certain precautions to be taken. But both are effective and efficient and when chosen the right ones give the best result.


A bathroom is one of the most crucial places in a house and yet is somehow always underrated. It is a place that people use to freshen up. There are always usual things that are always present in the bathroom like a toilet seat or a bathtub/bucket, etc. but apart from these, there are certain must-have appliances in there.


These must-have appliances are listed down below.

  • Lightings
    A bathroom is a space or a place that is used all throughout the day and at night times as well. So it is very important to keep the bathroom well-lit so that there are no mishaps in there while using it in darkness. These lightings also give out the proper spacing and structure of the bathroom and make everything present there clearly visible.
  • Air-fresheners
    Air-fresheners always a must-have appliance that each and every bathroom needs. Since it is used for freshening up purposes, it may leave an odour which is very unhygienic and is a big turn off as well. So bathrooms must have an air freshener to prevent it from odours and always smell great. There are also automatic air fresheners available that spray the perfume after a certain fixed time.
  • The basics
    Going back to the basics, it is not to mention that every bathroom needs a sink, toilet seat, tub or a bucket, shower, tap, soap dispenser, and other such things. These are the basic things which are obviously a must-have.
  • Geysers
    The geyser has nowadays gained good popularity and has become a much-needed appliance in the bathroom. People, for many reasons like skincare, medical, etc. prefer long hot showers. The hot water is provided by a geyser. It is also of great use in winters when its cold outside and hot water is needed to take a bath. Its gaining popularity has made it be one of the must-have appliances in the bathroom.
  • A blow dryer or a hairdryer
    After taking a shower, there should be a provision to dry up, mainly the hair, hands, etc. before coming out. This need is aided by a hairdryer or a blow dryer. It is also amongst important appliances that we need almost daily in our bathrooms which make it a must-have.