Lightings is a major role player about the appearance of any room or space because it is due to the lightings that we are able to clearly focus on the other aesthetics present in the room.

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The living room is usually where most members of the family sit, talk, and spend the majority of their time. It is also the first room that is seen after the entrance, so basically is the first impression of the house. So it is very important to choose the lightings that completely justify the room and enhances its appearance.

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Some of the basic criterions to tick from the checklist while purchasing lights and lightings for the living room are listed below.

● The lightings should be bright.
Since it leaves the first impression, all the present furniture, decors, and accessories should be nicely visible. It is also the host place of maximum interactions and activities throughout the day. Therefore it is important that it has sufficient bright lights, enough to create a clear vision whenever needed.

● The lights should not heat up the room.
There are many bulbs and lights that tend to emit heat which makes the room very warm when the lights remain on for a longer time. So while selecting lightings, one should check and choose bulbs and lights that do not emit heat, like LEDs.

● Know the room.
Before purchasing any lights, one must know for what space is the lightings being brought. Measurement of the living room, ambience desired, aesthetics present, usage of the room, etc. are certain things to know about the living room before buying lightings for it.

● Analyse all the possibilities.
Before buying any lightings, one should know all the types of lights and bulbs that are available for lighting up the living room and other spaces. Knowing all the kinds with their pros and cons is an important factor to be considered so that only the best is chosen and selected.


Our bedroom is our go-to place. It is the place we wake up to and the place we go back to all tired at the end of the day. It is the place that gives us maximum comfort and secureness. It has warmth, positivity, and a sense of belongingness to it that makes it our favourite place.


All the things that we love or adore, we often take the utmost care of them by maintaining them, decorating them, and keeping them clean and beautiful. Similarly, the bedroom being the best part of our homes, needs some pampering too.

The bedroom being a non-living structure, can be only decorated and taken care of. Therefore, a suitable painting is a perfect gift for your bedroom. There are many plus points attached to a painting kept in the bedroom which makes it the best choice for bedroom interiors.

First and the foremost reason is that paintings have a high aesthetic value. Each painting is a work of an art form that represents many things. Its abstractness shows the numerous possibilities and surprises that life has for us which cannot be seen but only understood.

Also, paintings can become our escape from reality. Sometimes we may come across paintings that throw light on our hidden dreams and desires. These paintings when hung as a wall piece on the walls of our bedroom, it gives the energy and the zest to achieve those goals.

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Wall pieces and paintings on the wall are also a type of status symbol. It adds to the elegance and grace of the room and represents the well-being, happiness, and peace.

The paintings when matches the theme and tone of the bedroom, it helps to enhance its features and adds to the bedroom’s value and interior.

So having a painting in the bedroom seems like an elegant and great choice to be put in intimate spaces like a bedroom.