Lounging area is the space where people usually prefer to sit and relax. These rooms are for relaxation purposes so the colours that are painted in these rooms should be eye-pleasing and soothing.

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The lounge room is to go-to spot and the walls of those are your comfort zone. Therefore the colours painted on those should be comfortable and give out a sense of belongingness. The best colours suited for a lounge include the following listed down below.

  • Jade Green
    This is a green family’s shade which is bright and vibrant which is mixed with a slight touch of blue to add to its elegance. This is a very light colour that is soothing to the eyes and gives out a relaxed vibe.
  • White
    White is always known for its peaceful nature that brings out the calm inside us. It is a timeless beauty and a colour that can never go wrong. It immediately feels like tension and stresses are melted down, which is ultimately the purpose of the lounge area.
  • Bold Yellow
    It is a commanding colour, vibrant and rich in nature. It is the colour of the brightest star sun. It represents warmth and tremendous energy. It has an energetic feel along with an uplifting and optimistic feel to it. This adds positivity to the room which makes it a great suited colour for the lounge area.
  • Ocean Blue
    As the name suggests, is the colour of the ocean. It is fresh, lively, and wavy. It is full of possibilities and can be moulded to design the best of the interior which makes it a great colour for the lounging area.
  • Ash Grey
    Along with it being light and bright, it has a dark shade to it. This gives it its uniqueness and elegance. It is pleasant, soothing which is the criteria for the best colours.
  • Light Blue
    The family of blue is very wide and vibrant. The shade light blue is classy, delicate and soothing. It is very pleasant and throws a wave of calmness and hence is chosen for best colours.
  • Grass Green
    The name itself creates a visual in our minds about the colour. It instantly gives a naturally positive vibe, it is smooth, and can never go wrong.
  • Olive
    Another member of the green family that can turn out to be great interior-wise for the lounge area is the Olive colour. This colour scheme can never go obsolete.
  • Orange
    The orange colour has a brightness to it that enhances any pieces of artworks or accessories that are present in the room which gives a bonus point.
  • Purple
    It is one of the rare darker shades that never go wrong with aesthetics that are present. With a high-glossy texture, it gives a glam look to the wall.


Living rooms are the first place that people see when they enter your house, it is the space for general and everyday use.


Everyone likes to keep their living room stylish and re-design it often to maintain the spark of freshness and newness.
But often there isn’t enough budget to be spent on the living room. However, there are ways to re-design the living room, that doesn’t involve spending a lump sum amount.


Some of these ways are listed below.

  • Change the layout
    Re-designing the room does not always involve buying expensive stuff and bringing new things. Changing the layout of the living room, with shuffling the things already present there to a new location. The whole set up becomes completely different with even minor changes in the layout.
  • Adding little accessories
    Instead of changing the big stuff like the couches, or stereo, or something like that, adding little accessories to the living room also gives it a completely different look. The accessories could be a photo wall, various kinds of cushions, a small plant, pots, etc. all of which can also be self-made.
  • Re-do the flooring
    The floor takes up the major portion of the living room. So re-doing the flooring is a good idea to re-design the room. Getting a carpet, changing the tiles, giving a different texture, etc. are some of the non-expensive tricks to re-do flooring which is a great idea to re-design a living room.
  • Fresh coat of paint
    Never underestimate the power of a paint coating. A fresh coat of paint can completely change the way the living room looks. Besides that, painting is a quick, easy, cheap, and very effective tool to re-design the living room.
  • Alter the lightings
    Altering or changing the light system of the room plays a major role in giving it a complete makeover. It is a very low cost, easy idea to re-design the living room. Changes in lighting can change the whole atmosphere, mood, and ambience of the room.


Indoor lighting is the system of lights that we put up inside our homes and houses. These lightings are an extremely important and crucial part of any home system. They are the ones that enhance the features of the house, highlight its aesthetics, and helps in setting a tone and mood for the ambience of the house.


Since it has so many important jobs to do in the house, these lights and lighting systems should be the ones that are chosen with utmost wiseness and suitability. They should be right to make the house appear and show the beauty that it is.


So some of the things to be considered while choosing appropriate indoor lighting are as follows.

  • Lights should be bright
    The lightings come handy when there is natural darkness after dusk. Their main purpose is to provide visibility at night times. So the main criteria while selecting lightings for the house is to ensure they are bright enough. Dim or low brightness bulbs and light may cause problems to the eyes as well and also won’t serve the purpose for what it was placed.
  • Lightings should be energy efficient
    The lightings are one of the main sources of energy consumption in the house. So while choosing the lights and bulbs for the home, energy efficiency should be looked after so that it does not go heavy on your pockets. There are LED bulbs that have now replaced the traditional incandescent bulbs on the same energy-saving criterion.
  • They should match the ambience of the home.
    Every house tells a different story. So the lightings that you put directly impact the ambience and the atmosphere that is created in the house. So it is necessary that the lights suit the aesthetics and mood of the home.
  • Choose the appropriate sizes
    Mismatching sizes that do not suit the size of the home or look bigger than the ceiling are a big turn off. While choosing the lights, the size of the room, the height of the ceiling, walls, etc. are all factors to be considered while selecting light bulbs.
  • Select according to the aesthetics
    Different rooms and walls need a different kind of lighting. The aesthetics present in the room, textures on the wall, etc. are some things to think about. For instance, a big dramatic chandelier wouldn’t suit in a children’s bedroom. While purchasing lights, the place and aesthetics of the house should be properly analysed.


A bathroom is one of the most crucial places in a house and yet is somehow always underrated. It is a place that people use to freshen up. There are always usual things that are always present in the bathroom like a toilet seat or a bathtub/bucket, etc. but apart from these, there are certain must-have appliances in there.


These must-have appliances are listed down below.

  • Lightings
    A bathroom is a space or a place that is used all throughout the day and at night times as well. So it is very important to keep the bathroom well-lit so that there are no mishaps in there while using it in darkness. These lightings also give out the proper spacing and structure of the bathroom and make everything present there clearly visible.
  • Air-fresheners
    Air-fresheners always a must-have appliance that each and every bathroom needs. Since it is used for freshening up purposes, it may leave an odour which is very unhygienic and is a big turn off as well. So bathrooms must have an air freshener to prevent it from odours and always smell great. There are also automatic air fresheners available that spray the perfume after a certain fixed time.
  • The basics
    Going back to the basics, it is not to mention that every bathroom needs a sink, toilet seat, tub or a bucket, shower, tap, soap dispenser, and other such things. These are the basic things which are obviously a must-have.
  • Geysers
    The geyser has nowadays gained good popularity and has become a much-needed appliance in the bathroom. People, for many reasons like skincare, medical, etc. prefer long hot showers. The hot water is provided by a geyser. It is also of great use in winters when its cold outside and hot water is needed to take a bath. Its gaining popularity has made it be one of the must-have appliances in the bathroom.
  • A blow dryer or a hairdryer
    After taking a shower, there should be a provision to dry up, mainly the hair, hands, etc. before coming out. This need is aided by a hairdryer or a blow dryer. It is also amongst important appliances that we need almost daily in our bathrooms which make it a must-have.


A man cave is a room or space inside a home used by only by a particular member of the family to only pursue their hobbies or to relax and get alone time away from their family or the outside world.

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The name says man cave, the reason being that it is generally known to be used by men of the house for recreational purposes, indulging in their interests and hobbies, hanging out with male friends, get the alone time, or watch sports or grab a drink in peace.

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It is like a dream for not only a man but for each member of the house to get a space like that which is specifically their own and nobody else shares it. It becomes their territory and their go-to place. To create such man caves, there are certain things one can do, which include:

  1. Visualize and analyse
    Before directly starting to build something that you have not thought through may lead you to create a man cave that may not be like the one you dreamt which eliminates the whole point of creating one. So it is important that you visualize the space properly, analyse all the details and then start the project.
  2. Select a theme
    Choosing an appropriate theme is the most crucial part of the creation of the man cave because all the furniture, walls, aesthetics, etc. will all depend on what theme is selected. So to select a theme, the need of the man cave should be known. If it is being created for a hobby then materials required for the same should be brought in and everything else can revolve around it.
  3. Materials and measurements
    The space that you decide to turn into your man cave, should be first measured so that you exactly know how much and what kind of things you can keep in it. Along with that, you can make the list of the materials, tools, and other such things that you’ll be needing so that you do not miss out anything and nothing halts the project once started.
  4. Services requirement
    Every possible comfort should be there in a man’s cave because that is his space of ultimate comfort and secureness and there should be no compromises made. So the services like electrical, plumbing, and other like required should be scheduled with the contractors beforehand.
  5. Create a checklist
    When you start to build the man cave, you need to make a checklist that contains all the required tasks to be done so that you do not miss out on anything. A step-by-step procedure should be broken down to make the work effective and time-efficient. This checklist will be the goals that are to be achieved. Then you can start working on the dream project.
  6. Enjoy the Man Cave
    Once everything is sorted and set, the space is all yours to be used and exploited. It would be your own territory to rule and your go-to spot away from the world for your own “Me Time”.