Hardwood flooring uses certain specific products of woods and manufactures them to be designed as a structural or aesthetic flooring material. Whereas synthetic flooring is the one that uses multi-layered products fused with the lamination process to be used as flooring.

It cannot be directly pointed out which of them is the best or which is better. Everything will depend on personal preferences as well as a few other factors.

But to compare the two, we can section the comparison with certain key pointers. These bases of differentiation are listed below.
● Durability
● Uses
● Cost
● Environmental effects

Let us dig in all these pointers of comparison to find out the better choice between hardwood floors and synthetic materials.

  1. Appearance
    The wooden floors are like timeless beauty. The natural look that it gives out looks flawless and so attractive. It comes in various sizes, colours, and textures to choose from.
    Talking about synthetics like vinyl, tile, and other floorings, these also make an attractive appearance. Though not natural but there are many alternatives and customizations available to choose from and bring out the best of what suits you.
  2. Durability
    Durability is defined as the hardness of the floor. It comes with better stability which means the thickness and quality of the flooring. The hardwood floors are durable, with natural strength, and sustainable and stable as well. But for it to be durable, there is a lot of regular maintenance required and it is a tough job there. Wood, being a natural material, is prone to open pores, water damage, climate change etc.
    This section gives plus one to the synthetic flooring. They are extremely durable, sustainable, and stable. They also require minimum maintenance and are good to go for long-term use.
  3. Uses or Application
    This section defines the area that can be best suited for the two materials. The hardwood floors are suitably used in sports, residential and sometimes for commercial buildings. It also takes a long and complex procedure of installation.
    The tile flooring can be used almost in all the places. Owing to its wide range of customizations, it can fit in all spaces. The installation process is quite minimal and easy.
  4. Cost
    The cost is calculated of installation, maintenance and everything inclusive. The wooden floors cost way more than the synthetic material flooring. The market rate for a hardwood floor is $8-$25 per sq.ft.
    And the synthetic flooring can be easily afforded at a relatively low cost of $2-$5 per sq.ft. area.
  5. Environmental Effect
    It is known that that hardwood is obtained from the woods which we get after cutting down trees. Even though trees being a renewable resource, it is adverse for the environment because the rate of deforestation is much faster than afforestation.
    The synthetic flooring is done using the PVC material which is recyclable, and reusable. Its major component is the salt, which is present in abundance. So instead of cutting down the exotic trees, the synthetic material are able to provide the same look and feel with other materials.


The flooring is the more or less permanent covering laid on the floor to give it an aesthetic and an attractive look.

Flooring is a major part of designing a room, obviously because the floor is the major section of any room. So the flooring should be the one that is kept in accordance with the theme and ambience of the house.

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There are various ways to do the flooring, out of which the best materials for flooring are listed below.

  1. Laminate flooring
    It is a multi-layer flooring, which is synthetic in nature and is laminated which makes it water-resistant. The laminate flooring has a wooden effect with a protective layer under it that is composed of melamine resin and fibre board material. This flooring gives an antique photogenic look to the floor. Besides being low cost, it has a high-quality finish, that may have the ability to reduce noise, durable, and doesn’t spoil easily.
  2. Vinyl Flooring
    The Vinyl flooring is a versatile, economical, flooring pattern. It offers a matt finish that is durable, stylish flooring. It is of various kinds like sheet vinyl, felt-backed sheet, vinyl-backed. It is a high-end product, with affordable pricing and easy installing.
  3. Hardwood Flooring
    As the name suggests, the hardwood flooring is the one that is made from wood. The wooden look on the floor gives it a very natural and attractive look. The flooring is a one-time investment and lasts very long without any severe damages. They are best suited for bedrooms and living rooms. It can also be engineered wooding flooring that is available for all wooden species.
  4. Ceramic Tile Flooring
    The most commonly found flooring material is the ceramic tiling style i.e using tiles to do the flooring. They are durable, non-porous, and has become more of a style statement. Since it is waterproof, it is best suited for kitchen, bathrooms, etc. and owing to the attractiveness it also suits the living room and other spaces as well.
  5. Carpet Flooring
    The carpet flooring is exactly what it sounds like. It is about laying a whole carpet in the full space as a type of flooring instead of any other tiles, stones, or woods. It is soft, warm, and durable. It helps cut down the noise and is also not very expensive.