For many years now, kitchen cleaning has been an integral and the most complicated part of cooking. It is a bit tiring if the responsibility is on only one person. But there are tricks and tips that can help you clean the kitchen all very quickly without wasting much of the time.

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Small changes in system management can give a huge difference in the outcome. So starting with small ones, here are some of those tips to efficiently and quickly clean up the kitchen area.

  1. Assemble the needed supplies
    This is a very minor technicality that is often ignored but if implemented with efficiency, it can save up a lot of time. All the materials and supplies required to clean the kitchen like a mop, sponge, liquids, etc. should be put together at one fixed place so that there is no wasting time in finding each of them individually after starting to clean the kitchen.
  2. Multi-task
    It is not practical to expect one person to do everything within no time. But there is something that can speed up the process. Instead of completing one whole task at a time, the person can multi-task. For instance, before clearing the dry waste, run the sink with hot soapy water and keep the dishes in the sink ready. Once the waste is taken care of, the dishes are all ready to be cleaned and since they were already in hot soapy water, the process would be much easier and faster. While the dishes are settling and drying down, mopping and sweeping can be done.
  3. Put away where everything belongs
    Next major thing that makes the kitchen look like a mess are all the items on the kitchen platform that were helping aids in cooking or other kitchen works. They belong to the cabinet or the drawers so the next step would be to clear all that out by putting the items back in their place. As minor as this step sounds, it plays a major role in keeping the kitchen clean.
  4. Clean the counter, sink and the appliances
    This shouldn’t take much time. The cleaning can be started with the appliances so that the dust or any waste falls on the counter, it can be cleaned while cleaning the counter hence avoiding double work. Run the sink with water to moist it so that it is easier to clean. After cleaning the appliances, the countertop should be cleaned. Once that is done, the sink is ready and moist to be cleaned. This step doesn’t engage a lot of time since all the items on the platform are already in their places, so the field is clear and can be cleaned in under a minute or two.
  5. Taking the trash out
    The last step to the process of cleaning the kitchen is to get the collected trash out. The whole kitchen is clean by now, and the only thing left is the trash. The procedure of gathering the trash is already done so here it only needs to be taken out which would obviously not take more than a minute or so.

Therefore, following and implementing this simple procedure can help reduce a lot of time in kitchen cleaning, and when done efficiently, it can help you clean the kitchen within 10 minutes or less.


Every day there are so many inventions and technological advancements made that it is impossible to keep an update on every little thing. There might be something unusual yet incredibly helpful that could enhance and make your kitchen experience memorable and convenient.


These are so many newest and coolest inventions that we have never heard of before. Some of those are given below.

  • Zoodle Slicer
    This unique device known as a zoodle slicer is a device that cuts vegetables into noodle-like shape in just one quick and simple motion. It operates fine with carrots, sweet potato, zucchini, cucumber, turnips, etc. The motion is similar to that of sharpening a pencil. It is an excellent aid for people who are on a diet to make instant vegetable noodles, which look attractive and are healthy and does not tempt them to eat something else. It is a great option, one singular motion can turn vegetables into spiral-shaped vegetable noodles.
  • 3 in 1 Breakfast Station
    The 3 in 1 Breakfast Station is one amazing invention that helps to cook a full-fledged meal on one single electronic device/machine. It contains a coffee maker, a non-stick griddle, and also a multi-functional toaster. This is a one-stop station for the meal. It is very useful, saves energy, and gas as well since everything is cooked on the same device.
  • Steel Garlic Press
    When using garlic in any recipe it often creates a lot of mess and is always troublesome. The steel garlic press is a revolutionary invention that eliminates all the hassles related to garlic usage. The device peels and minces garlic with just one press without any trouble.
  • Automatic Sauce Stirrer
    We have often burnt our hand stirring liquids on a hot stove. This hassle has come to an end with this advancement. This is a battery-operated device that can be kept in the vessel full of liquids like soup, sauce, etc. that will stir the liquid properly with three different controlled motions.
  • Butter Bot
    Another in the list of never heard devices is the Butter Bot. It is a robot-shaped device that helps in applying butter on corn, toasts etc. without creating any mess and without the need of any utensils. This is also one of the helpful kitchen devices that we have never heard of.