As the name suggests, it is clear that the lightings that are used to lighten up the outdoor of homes, which means spaces like a garden, a balcony, a street, a wall, etc. are known as Outdoor Lighting. These lights are generally useful and put out to create night-time aesthetics, safety reasons, recreation, night vision, and accessibility.
The characteristics of outdoor lightings are that they should be bright, effective, energy-efficient, weather-proof, and should have a long life.

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The brightness of these lights has become one of the major criterions since their purpose is to offer a vision in the night time when there is no support of the daylight. So the brighter they are, the better it is for visibility.
The requirement of brightness varies with various kinds of lightings. If the incandescent bulbs are used, 65-70 watt is preferred. If not, then 20 watt CFL or 10-15 watts of LED lights is enough for exterior lighting.

Also, another question that arises is, how long should these outdoor lightings be kept active. These lights have no use in the daylight since the natural light of the sun is enough to provide a well-lit space and vision. In the evening after the dusk, these lights can be put to use.

Usually, people prefer to keep these light active from dusk to dawn. But there is also a part of the population that believes to turn the lights down or shut them when they go to bed.

Both of these situations have positives and negatives. Keeping the lights on may alert the burglars about the owner’s presence but on the other hand, may shoot up the electricity used and thus the bill.
Turning it off at night may attract some kinds of mishaps or low visibility but does save energy and is an environmental-friendly option.
So it completely depends on individual to individual to decide about the activeness of these outdoor lightings.


The bedroom is the most intimate and personal space of everybody in the house. It gives a sense of belongingness and comfort. We start our day there and end it in it. So every little detail there would play a major role in determining the mood and the personality of the owner.

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The LED ceiling lights are exactly what they sound like in their name. These are LED lightings that come in various shapes, sizes, and colours which are placed on the ceiling.

Now the question is, do these LED ceiling lights in the bedroom look good and are these worth the effort. These LED ceiling lights are very bright, vibrant, and have a welcoming vibe. Since placed on the ceiling, their beam becomes wider and so it reaches all the corners of the room.
These are the kind of lightings that are minimal dramatic and are non-intrusive lights that are not hurtful to look at.

While we are on the subject, the LED lights are known for its variety. These lights come in many custom designs, sizes, shapes, and even brightness and colours. If chosen in accordance with the theme and properly selected then these LED ceiling lights can be the most attractive factor of the bedroom.

Besides the looks, LED lights are a more practical and energy-efficient choice. These consume much less power in comparison to the traditional lightings and give the same or in fact better outputs. This cuts down on electricity usage with better results.

Another advantage of the LED ceiling lights is that they last longer than the other incandescent or traditional bulbs and lights. The hours of use of the LEDs are known to be longer and with very low maintenance. Once these ceiling fixtures are installed, they become technically free and require no maintenance.

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So getting LED ceiling lights in the bedroom can be considered as a good option for the bedroom interiors but all the other factors like the theme, setting, size, shape, etc. should be taken care of and the right and appropriate lights when selected give the best results.