Lightings is a major role player about the appearance of any room or space because it is due to the lightings that we are able to clearly focus on the other aesthetics present in the room.

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The living room is usually where most members of the family sit, talk, and spend the majority of their time. It is also the first room that is seen after the entrance, so basically is the first impression of the house. So it is very important to choose the lightings that completely justify the room and enhances its appearance.

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Some of the basic criterions to tick from the checklist while purchasing lights and lightings for the living room are listed below.

● The lightings should be bright.
Since it leaves the first impression, all the present furniture, decors, and accessories should be nicely visible. It is also the host place of maximum interactions and activities throughout the day. Therefore it is important that it has sufficient bright lights, enough to create a clear vision whenever needed.

● The lights should not heat up the room.
There are many bulbs and lights that tend to emit heat which makes the room very warm when the lights remain on for a longer time. So while selecting lightings, one should check and choose bulbs and lights that do not emit heat, like LEDs.

● Know the room.
Before purchasing any lights, one must know for what space is the lightings being brought. Measurement of the living room, ambience desired, aesthetics present, usage of the room, etc. are certain things to know about the living room before buying lightings for it.

● Analyse all the possibilities.
Before buying any lightings, one should know all the types of lights and bulbs that are available for lighting up the living room and other spaces. Knowing all the kinds with their pros and cons is an important factor to be considered so that only the best is chosen and selected.


As the name suggests, it is clear that the lightings that are used to lighten up the outdoor of homes, which means spaces like a garden, a balcony, a street, a wall, etc. are known as Outdoor Lighting. These lights are generally useful and put out to create night-time aesthetics, safety reasons, recreation, night vision, and accessibility.
The characteristics of outdoor lightings are that they should be bright, effective, energy-efficient, weather-proof, and should have a long life.

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The brightness of these lights has become one of the major criterions since their purpose is to offer a vision in the night time when there is no support of the daylight. So the brighter they are, the better it is for visibility.
The requirement of brightness varies with various kinds of lightings. If the incandescent bulbs are used, 65-70 watt is preferred. If not, then 20 watt CFL or 10-15 watts of LED lights is enough for exterior lighting.

Also, another question that arises is, how long should these outdoor lightings be kept active. These lights have no use in the daylight since the natural light of the sun is enough to provide a well-lit space and vision. In the evening after the dusk, these lights can be put to use.

Usually, people prefer to keep these light active from dusk to dawn. But there is also a part of the population that believes to turn the lights down or shut them when they go to bed.

Both of these situations have positives and negatives. Keeping the lights on may alert the burglars about the owner’s presence but on the other hand, may shoot up the electricity used and thus the bill.
Turning it off at night may attract some kinds of mishaps or low visibility but does save energy and is an environmental-friendly option.
So it completely depends on individual to individual to decide about the activeness of these outdoor lightings.


Indoor lighting is the system of lights that we put up inside our homes and houses. These lightings are an extremely important and crucial part of any home system. They are the ones that enhance the features of the house, highlight its aesthetics, and helps in setting a tone and mood for the ambience of the house.


Since it has so many important jobs to do in the house, these lights and lighting systems should be the ones that are chosen with utmost wiseness and suitability. They should be right to make the house appear and show the beauty that it is.


So some of the things to be considered while choosing appropriate indoor lighting are as follows.

  • Lights should be bright
    The lightings come handy when there is natural darkness after dusk. Their main purpose is to provide visibility at night times. So the main criteria while selecting lightings for the house is to ensure they are bright enough. Dim or low brightness bulbs and light may cause problems to the eyes as well and also won’t serve the purpose for what it was placed.
  • Lightings should be energy efficient
    The lightings are one of the main sources of energy consumption in the house. So while choosing the lights and bulbs for the home, energy efficiency should be looked after so that it does not go heavy on your pockets. There are LED bulbs that have now replaced the traditional incandescent bulbs on the same energy-saving criterion.
  • They should match the ambience of the home.
    Every house tells a different story. So the lightings that you put directly impact the ambience and the atmosphere that is created in the house. So it is necessary that the lights suit the aesthetics and mood of the home.
  • Choose the appropriate sizes
    Mismatching sizes that do not suit the size of the home or look bigger than the ceiling are a big turn off. While choosing the lights, the size of the room, the height of the ceiling, walls, etc. are all factors to be considered while selecting light bulbs.
  • Select according to the aesthetics
    Different rooms and walls need a different kind of lighting. The aesthetics present in the room, textures on the wall, etc. are some things to think about. For instance, a big dramatic chandelier wouldn’t suit in a children’s bedroom. While purchasing lights, the place and aesthetics of the house should be properly analysed.