Lightings is a major role player about the appearance of any room or space because it is due to the lightings that we are able to clearly focus on the other aesthetics present in the room.

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The living room is usually where most members of the family sit, talk, and spend the majority of their time. It is also the first room that is seen after the entrance, so basically is the first impression of the house. So it is very important to choose the lightings that completely justify the room and enhances its appearance.

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Some of the basic criterions to tick from the checklist while purchasing lights and lightings for the living room are listed below.

● The lightings should be bright.
Since it leaves the first impression, all the present furniture, decors, and accessories should be nicely visible. It is also the host place of maximum interactions and activities throughout the day. Therefore it is important that it has sufficient bright lights, enough to create a clear vision whenever needed.

● The lights should not heat up the room.
There are many bulbs and lights that tend to emit heat which makes the room very warm when the lights remain on for a longer time. So while selecting lightings, one should check and choose bulbs and lights that do not emit heat, like LEDs.

● Know the room.
Before purchasing any lights, one must know for what space is the lightings being brought. Measurement of the living room, ambience desired, aesthetics present, usage of the room, etc. are certain things to know about the living room before buying lightings for it.

● Analyse all the possibilities.
Before buying any lightings, one should know all the types of lights and bulbs that are available for lighting up the living room and other spaces. Knowing all the kinds with their pros and cons is an important factor to be considered so that only the best is chosen and selected.


Living rooms are the first place that people see when they enter your house, it is the space for general and everyday use.


Everyone likes to keep their living room stylish and re-design it often to maintain the spark of freshness and newness.
But often there isn’t enough budget to be spent on the living room. However, there are ways to re-design the living room, that doesn’t involve spending a lump sum amount.


Some of these ways are listed below.

  • Change the layout
    Re-designing the room does not always involve buying expensive stuff and bringing new things. Changing the layout of the living room, with shuffling the things already present there to a new location. The whole set up becomes completely different with even minor changes in the layout.
  • Adding little accessories
    Instead of changing the big stuff like the couches, or stereo, or something like that, adding little accessories to the living room also gives it a completely different look. The accessories could be a photo wall, various kinds of cushions, a small plant, pots, etc. all of which can also be self-made.
  • Re-do the flooring
    The floor takes up the major portion of the living room. So re-doing the flooring is a good idea to re-design the room. Getting a carpet, changing the tiles, giving a different texture, etc. are some of the non-expensive tricks to re-do flooring which is a great idea to re-design a living room.
  • Fresh coat of paint
    Never underestimate the power of a paint coating. A fresh coat of paint can completely change the way the living room looks. Besides that, painting is a quick, easy, cheap, and very effective tool to re-design the living room.
  • Alter the lightings
    Altering or changing the light system of the room plays a major role in giving it a complete makeover. It is a very low cost, easy idea to re-design the living room. Changes in lighting can change the whole atmosphere, mood, and ambience of the room.


Bedrooms are really private and intimate spaces for people so all the interiors in that space are completely personal and may differ from individual to individual.

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But in general, bedrooms are usually our comfort zones, it is like our territory to which we come back at the end of the day to feel that comfort, warmth and secureness. They are also the places where we start our day. So usually the bedroom colours are kept soft, soothing, and pleasant to make the ambience in the room positive, energetic, and joyous.

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There are no fixed templates to colour the bedrooms but the colours listed below hold a great effect and are preferred in spaces like bedrooms.

★ Soft Green
The soft green shade gives a nice hue to the room since it has warmth and coolness both present in it. The soft, eye-pleasing, relaxing nature of the colour makes it feel like home. To top it up the green family has abundance of shades to choose from, so there is a shade for every personality out there.

★ Smooth Blue
It is a known fact the shades of the blue family are soothing as it slows down the heart rate, reduces blood pressure, and therefore suits the best for relaxation purposes which is one of the main objectives of spaces like a bedroom. It reflects the colour of the sky on a clean clear crisp day.

★ Light Grey
A light touch of grey can completely change the look of the bedroom. It has a feature to bring out the calmness. Its smoothness, silence, elegance just makes it feel like everything is fine and good-going which is mostly what we need in bedrooms when we lay down.

★ Dark Lavender
The darker shade of lavender colour does not necessarily have to be bright and harsh. It can be soft and soothing. The colour though perceived to be feminine, it is a completely elegant and gracious choice. It does not keep the spotlight on itself rather helps to enhance the furniture in the room.

★ Deep Navy
The deep navy is often in the royal blue family. It is more on the darker shade scale. This colour creates an environment of elegance and class. It is most suited with lighter shades of furniture. It is known to be a calming element in the bedroom since the shade is deep.