A smart home is a house that is equipped with devices that can be commanded without any manual effort just using a smartphone or nowadays there is also a provision of voice control.

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The building of a smart home is based on the home automation system that has the ability to control lighting, climate, entertainment systems, electronic devices, home security cameras, alarms, and every other device.

The smart home technology is a status symbol, luxuries and aims to provide maximum comfort, security, convenience, and energy efficiency.

To make your home smart, there are certain key areas that need to be turned smart such as lightings, sound, temperature, entertainment, security, cleaning, helpers, etc.

To begin with, there are many lightings, LED bulbs, and other options that are stepping stones to a smart home. These lights can change colours, brightness, and are automated with commands that can be voice-controlled or with a smartphone.

Next to work on is on sounds. There are options like Alexa and Google Home which are voice-controlled Bluetooth speakers that are available in various shapes and sizes to fit the type of space they are put in.

The temperature of the house is also now artificially controllable and a checkbox to a smart home. Smart thermostat, air conditioners, smart heaters/coolers, are all automated which control the temperature of the homes as commanded.

Other common devices to make your home a smart home are smart tv, smartphones, computers, etc. A smart TV is capable of bearing popular entertainment sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc.

Other smart cleaners and helpers include smart security cameras that show the live footage on the phone and are anytime accessible. This category also includes smart vacuum cleaners, washing machines, dryers, washer, and more.

All these artificially intelligent devices are the ones that make your home a smart home that differentiates it from the rest of the houses.


Home is the place where a person gets the maximum amount of comfort and convenience in each and every action. It has a sense of belongingness and there are a few things that we just cannot live without.
These are a few devices that are very helpful in our daily chores and have become an integral part of our daily lives and it is certainly not possible to imagine days without them.

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These must-have devices at home include the following that are listed down below.

  1. Lightings
    The lighting devices are an integral system that is required in every household. There is no alternative to the lighting devices, we need it every day. At the dusk, when the daylight starts to diminish, the first device we need are these. So these are undoubtedly essentials of life.
  2. Gas/Microwave
    Another must-have home appliance is a gas stove alternatively a microwave. Either of them are a very important part of the house where the meals can be cooked. Since meals are obviously an everyday business, the gas/microwave are something we cannot go a day without.
  3. Washing Machine
    This is the machine used to clean and wash the clothes. We need clothes daily and it is not possible to reuse clothes without washing them and doing it manually is very time-consuming and difficult on a daily basis. So this is a blessing and has become a necessity for every household.
  4. Vacuum Cleaner
    Every day there are so many dust particles and unwanted things that enter our house. This vacuum cleaner is a device that can help us clean the house and make it spotless. It is a great invention since it saves time, works efficiently, and effortlessly. So this is one of the must-have devices at home.
  5. WiFi
    In this era of digitalization, smart homes, artificial intelligence, and the internet, a WiFi device has shifted from being a luxury to be a necessity. It has become a must-have device in every house. It has a wide usage like providing an internet connection, operating smart appliances, and the list will go on till infinity. So the WiFi is an essential device that every home must have in this era.