What is smart home and how can i start?

What is smart home and how can i start?

Internet, connected objects and home automation: this is the trio that made the advent of the
smart home possible . But what exactly are we referring to when we talk about smart home?
What is a smart home and what features are available to you today? In a nutshell, a smart
home is a home whose various elements (heating, lighting, multiple sockets, alarms, video
surveillance devices, etc.) can be controlled from mobile applications, available on smartphones
or tablets.

Connected home and security

smart home secuirty
In terms of security, the smart home allows you to sleep on both ears in all circumstances, even
when you go on vacation. It is possible to program the lights to turn on by themselves and the
roller shutters to dim down after dark. In addition, your alarms, surveillance cameras or
intrusion detectors are also programmable and can be controlled remotely. And this is only part
of what the connected home can do for you!

What is home automation for?

Making your home smart is first and foremost about providing comfort and security to the
occupants. Using equipment that can be controlled remotely, it is possible to change the
temperature, control the lighting or check that no one is coming into your home while you are
away. Comfort is ensured by a more intuitive use of the devices. A connected house becomes
100% multimedia accommodation: radio or music follows you in all rooms, and you can launch
an application using voice (thanks to smart speakers).
With smart home, housing also becomes more energy efficient. When the heating is controlled
by an intelligent thermostat and the lights go out when the rooms are empty, you save a lot of
electricity. No more unnecessary waste!
Thanks to devices that act as the brains of your home as the Wink, applications and your
smartphone, you can control almost anything in your house. More and more objects will be
connected. You will soon be able to see inside your fridge to find out if you still have ketchup in
the bottle or how many bottles are missing in your cellar. You can start the washer or pool
heater remotely or the robotic vacuum cleaner if an unexpected visit comes while you are not
at home.

Smart appliances continue to grow and will likely become the norm. The imagination is
boundless on this side. Are apples replacing cauliflower in the fridge? It will adapt its
temperature and humidity accordingly. There is also now a refrigerator with a touch screen.
These objects will soon all interact together and with artificial intelligence, your home will guess what you want. You will take a pizza out of the freezer, and the oven will automatically adjust.
After dinner, when the dishwasher is full, the fireplace will turn on, the TV will be ready to start
the next show in your favorite Netflix series, and the lights will turn on before you even go to
the living room. The bathroom light will turn on when you pause and head for your show. In
short, your home will become more and more intelligent, both with its basic systems such as
water heaters, plumbing, taps, air conditioning and heating, as with the connected objects it
will house.

How you can start

smart home getting started
First decide what is important to you. If music is part of your life, a central system with built-in
speakers could change the love you have for your home. If going around the blinds and shades
of the house every night and morning makes you crazy, motorized blinds might be a good
investment, but it’s probably the most expensive thing to automate. For lighting, you can go
gradually by changing switches according to your needs.
If you are renovating and want to adopt these technologies, good planning is essential.
Motorized blinds can operate on batteries, but it is preferable that they be connected in order
to avoid passing more than a hundred alkaline batteries each year for an entire house. Built-in
speakers require wiring. If you want an architectural lighting , that is to say which integrates
perfectly into your house through its construction, it is necessary to plan it with the person who
will make the design of your renovation, whether it is the interior designer, or an architect.