Hardwood flooring uses certain specific products of woods and manufactures them to be designed as a structural or aesthetic flooring material. Whereas synthetic flooring is the one that uses multi-layered products fused with the lamination process to be used as flooring.

It cannot be directly pointed out which of them is the best or which is better. Everything will depend on personal preferences as well as a few other factors.

But to compare the two, we can section the comparison with certain key pointers. These bases of differentiation are listed below.
● Durability
● Uses
● Cost
● Environmental effects

Let us dig in all these pointers of comparison to find out the better choice between hardwood floors and synthetic materials.

  1. Appearance
    The wooden floors are like timeless beauty. The natural look that it gives out looks flawless and so attractive. It comes in various sizes, colours, and textures to choose from.
    Talking about synthetics like vinyl, tile, and other floorings, these also make an attractive appearance. Though not natural but there are many alternatives and customizations available to choose from and bring out the best of what suits you.
  2. Durability
    Durability is defined as the hardness of the floor. It comes with better stability which means the thickness and quality of the flooring. The hardwood floors are durable, with natural strength, and sustainable and stable as well. But for it to be durable, there is a lot of regular maintenance required and it is a tough job there. Wood, being a natural material, is prone to open pores, water damage, climate change etc.
    This section gives plus one to the synthetic flooring. They are extremely durable, sustainable, and stable. They also require minimum maintenance and are good to go for long-term use.
  3. Uses or Application
    This section defines the area that can be best suited for the two materials. The hardwood floors are suitably used in sports, residential and sometimes for commercial buildings. It also takes a long and complex procedure of installation.
    The tile flooring can be used almost in all the places. Owing to its wide range of customizations, it can fit in all spaces. The installation process is quite minimal and easy.
  4. Cost
    The cost is calculated of installation, maintenance and everything inclusive. The wooden floors cost way more than the synthetic material flooring. The market rate for a hardwood floor is $8-$25 per sq.ft.
    And the synthetic flooring can be easily afforded at a relatively low cost of $2-$5 per sq.ft. area.
  5. Environmental Effect
    It is known that that hardwood is obtained from the woods which we get after cutting down trees. Even though trees being a renewable resource, it is adverse for the environment because the rate of deforestation is much faster than afforestation.
    The synthetic flooring is done using the PVC material which is recyclable, and reusable. Its major component is the salt, which is present in abundance. So instead of cutting down the exotic trees, the synthetic material are able to provide the same look and feel with other materials.


The bedroom is the most intimate and personal space of everybody in the house. It gives a sense of belongingness and comfort. We start our day there and end it in it. So every little detail there would play a major role in determining the mood and the personality of the owner.

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The LED ceiling lights are exactly what they sound like in their name. These are LED lightings that come in various shapes, sizes, and colours which are placed on the ceiling.

Now the question is, do these LED ceiling lights in the bedroom look good and are these worth the effort. These LED ceiling lights are very bright, vibrant, and have a welcoming vibe. Since placed on the ceiling, their beam becomes wider and so it reaches all the corners of the room.
These are the kind of lightings that are minimal dramatic and are non-intrusive lights that are not hurtful to look at.

While we are on the subject, the LED lights are known for its variety. These lights come in many custom designs, sizes, shapes, and even brightness and colours. If chosen in accordance with the theme and properly selected then these LED ceiling lights can be the most attractive factor of the bedroom.

Besides the looks, LED lights are a more practical and energy-efficient choice. These consume much less power in comparison to the traditional lightings and give the same or in fact better outputs. This cuts down on electricity usage with better results.

Another advantage of the LED ceiling lights is that they last longer than the other incandescent or traditional bulbs and lights. The hours of use of the LEDs are known to be longer and with very low maintenance. Once these ceiling fixtures are installed, they become technically free and require no maintenance.

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So getting LED ceiling lights in the bedroom can be considered as a good option for the bedroom interiors but all the other factors like the theme, setting, size, shape, etc. should be taken care of and the right and appropriate lights when selected give the best results.


A smart toilet is referred to an intelligent breed of toilets that are capable of working on smart technology of automation for certain tasks which were done manually earlier.
Flushing the toilet after use, moving the seat up and down, in-built LED bulbs, remotes and music, self-cleaning, maintaining appropriate temperatures so as to prevent unhygienic growth of bacterias, and more.

The real question is whether this upgrade is necessary or not. If saving water and space in the bathroom is one of the agendas, then smart toilets are most certainly the best choice. But the only disadvantage of the smart toilet that is thought of is the extremely expensive costs of installation and maintenance.

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But once installed, prove to be worth the cost. There are many options that you may choose to buy it from. The places that you choose to purchase the appliances for the smart toilet should be a reliable source, known, authorised dealership, and a legal license holder.

Nowadays everything has shifted to online. There is each and every product available online that you need and see in stores. The items get delivered to you at home without you having to go out in search for them. The smart toilets can also be brought home using these online services but only from reputed and known buyers and not from any random site. Since the cost is very high, you shouldn’t trust any site and confirm it’s genuineness before buying the smart toilet.

These smart toilets can be purchased from any store with toilet or bathroom appliances. The store should hold certain credibility, offer guarantee and warranty, maintenance services, installation services, etc.
This purchasing from the shops seems a better option sometimes owing sheerly to the fact that we can physically check and see the features of the smart toilet. Since it is so expensive, it is good to get it from someone or someplace that you trust because even a minor technicality error can cause huge problems.
So there are both the options of buying the smart toilet online as well from the stores near you. Both ways have their own advantages and certain precautions to be taken. But both are effective and efficient and when chosen the right ones give the best result.


A bathroom is one of the most crucial places in a house and yet is somehow always underrated. It is a place that people use to freshen up. There are always usual things that are always present in the bathroom like a toilet seat or a bathtub/bucket, etc. but apart from these, there are certain must-have appliances in there.


These must-have appliances are listed down below.

  • Lightings
    A bathroom is a space or a place that is used all throughout the day and at night times as well. So it is very important to keep the bathroom well-lit so that there are no mishaps in there while using it in darkness. These lightings also give out the proper spacing and structure of the bathroom and make everything present there clearly visible.
  • Air-fresheners
    Air-fresheners always a must-have appliance that each and every bathroom needs. Since it is used for freshening up purposes, it may leave an odour which is very unhygienic and is a big turn off as well. So bathrooms must have an air freshener to prevent it from odours and always smell great. There are also automatic air fresheners available that spray the perfume after a certain fixed time.
  • The basics
    Going back to the basics, it is not to mention that every bathroom needs a sink, toilet seat, tub or a bucket, shower, tap, soap dispenser, and other such things. These are the basic things which are obviously a must-have.
  • Geysers
    The geyser has nowadays gained good popularity and has become a much-needed appliance in the bathroom. People, for many reasons like skincare, medical, etc. prefer long hot showers. The hot water is provided by a geyser. It is also of great use in winters when its cold outside and hot water is needed to take a bath. Its gaining popularity has made it be one of the must-have appliances in the bathroom.
  • A blow dryer or a hairdryer
    After taking a shower, there should be a provision to dry up, mainly the hair, hands, etc. before coming out. This need is aided by a hairdryer or a blow dryer. It is also amongst important appliances that we need almost daily in our bathrooms which make it a must-have.


Our bedroom is our go-to place. It is the place we wake up to and the place we go back to all tired at the end of the day. It is the place that gives us maximum comfort and secureness. It has warmth, positivity, and a sense of belongingness to it that makes it our favourite place.


All the things that we love or adore, we often take the utmost care of them by maintaining them, decorating them, and keeping them clean and beautiful. Similarly, the bedroom being the best part of our homes, needs some pampering too.

The bedroom being a non-living structure, can be only decorated and taken care of. Therefore, a suitable painting is a perfect gift for your bedroom. There are many plus points attached to a painting kept in the bedroom which makes it the best choice for bedroom interiors.

First and the foremost reason is that paintings have a high aesthetic value. Each painting is a work of an art form that represents many things. Its abstractness shows the numerous possibilities and surprises that life has for us which cannot be seen but only understood.

Also, paintings can become our escape from reality. Sometimes we may come across paintings that throw light on our hidden dreams and desires. These paintings when hung as a wall piece on the walls of our bedroom, it gives the energy and the zest to achieve those goals.

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Wall pieces and paintings on the wall are also a type of status symbol. It adds to the elegance and grace of the room and represents the well-being, happiness, and peace.

The paintings when matches the theme and tone of the bedroom, it helps to enhance its features and adds to the bedroom’s value and interior.

So having a painting in the bedroom seems like an elegant and great choice to be put in intimate spaces like a bedroom.


The interior decorations have always been a major factor determining the mood, ambience, and the atmosphere of the house.
Any up and down in the decor may create significant differences in the house that may absolutely ruin the whole purpose of decoration.

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Some of these decoration fails are presented below.

  1. No attention paid to the functionality
    We can all agree that each room is created with a specific function in mind. Neglecting or paying no attention to the purpose of the room and then stuffing it with every kind of furniture, appliances, accessories, and so much more but forgetting what it was actually made for.
    Like a room made for a temple and divine purposes does not need a wardrobe, bed, clothes lying around, electrical appliances, stereo speakers, etc. It all forgets the main point of the room which is a big decoration fail.
  2. Poor lighting
    We have come across numerous times about the importance of a good lighting system and how it is necessary for the perfect clarity and vision inside the house. A major set back in the lighting system at home can be a huge decor fail considering that there won’t be appropriate light to look at the decor and the bad lightings can completely ruin the creation. Poor lightings is a big turn off.
  3. Too much theme-centric
    Holding on to one particular theme is a good option but going overboard with it is not. Trying too much may involve extra efforts but has negative results. Everything similar to each other without any contrast or difference will almost create a space that would not have any features of good looks. So focusing too much on the theme and going extravaganza on it is not recommended.
  4. Art clutter
    The art pieces and accessories in the room are meant to be pleasant and an attractive showpiece. It is not supposed to create a feeling of disgust. Putting too many artistic works and loads of accessories and appliances in the same room creates an art clutter. The things meant to highlight and enhance the room become the reason for the decoration fail of the room. Also cluttering of these arts brings down the value of each art as they are not individually taken benefit of or are not individually seen, they lose their identity in the clutter.
  5. Mismanaged appliances
    Nowadays there is no room with zero electrical appliances or other devices. The mismanagement of those is a big decoration fail. The mismanagement includes huge clutter of wirings hanging out at one place, misfit in the room, no proper provisions for its use, etc. All these little details may impact the whole decoration of the space.


A man cave is a room or space inside a home used by only by a particular member of the family to only pursue their hobbies or to relax and get alone time away from their family or the outside world.

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The name says man cave, the reason being that it is generally known to be used by men of the house for recreational purposes, indulging in their interests and hobbies, hanging out with male friends, get the alone time, or watch sports or grab a drink in peace.

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It is like a dream for not only a man but for each member of the house to get a space like that which is specifically their own and nobody else shares it. It becomes their territory and their go-to place. To create such man caves, there are certain things one can do, which include:

  1. Visualize and analyse
    Before directly starting to build something that you have not thought through may lead you to create a man cave that may not be like the one you dreamt which eliminates the whole point of creating one. So it is important that you visualize the space properly, analyse all the details and then start the project.
  2. Select a theme
    Choosing an appropriate theme is the most crucial part of the creation of the man cave because all the furniture, walls, aesthetics, etc. will all depend on what theme is selected. So to select a theme, the need of the man cave should be known. If it is being created for a hobby then materials required for the same should be brought in and everything else can revolve around it.
  3. Materials and measurements
    The space that you decide to turn into your man cave, should be first measured so that you exactly know how much and what kind of things you can keep in it. Along with that, you can make the list of the materials, tools, and other such things that you’ll be needing so that you do not miss out anything and nothing halts the project once started.
  4. Services requirement
    Every possible comfort should be there in a man’s cave because that is his space of ultimate comfort and secureness and there should be no compromises made. So the services like electrical, plumbing, and other like required should be scheduled with the contractors beforehand.
  5. Create a checklist
    When you start to build the man cave, you need to make a checklist that contains all the required tasks to be done so that you do not miss out on anything. A step-by-step procedure should be broken down to make the work effective and time-efficient. This checklist will be the goals that are to be achieved. Then you can start working on the dream project.
  6. Enjoy the Man Cave
    Once everything is sorted and set, the space is all yours to be used and exploited. It would be your own territory to rule and your go-to spot away from the world for your own “Me Time”.


The flooring is the more or less permanent covering laid on the floor to give it an aesthetic and an attractive look.

Flooring is a major part of designing a room, obviously because the floor is the major section of any room. So the flooring should be the one that is kept in accordance with the theme and ambience of the house.

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There are various ways to do the flooring, out of which the best materials for flooring are listed below.

  1. Laminate flooring
    It is a multi-layer flooring, which is synthetic in nature and is laminated which makes it water-resistant. The laminate flooring has a wooden effect with a protective layer under it that is composed of melamine resin and fibre board material. This flooring gives an antique photogenic look to the floor. Besides being low cost, it has a high-quality finish, that may have the ability to reduce noise, durable, and doesn’t spoil easily.
  2. Vinyl Flooring
    The Vinyl flooring is a versatile, economical, flooring pattern. It offers a matt finish that is durable, stylish flooring. It is of various kinds like sheet vinyl, felt-backed sheet, vinyl-backed. It is a high-end product, with affordable pricing and easy installing.
  3. Hardwood Flooring
    As the name suggests, the hardwood flooring is the one that is made from wood. The wooden look on the floor gives it a very natural and attractive look. The flooring is a one-time investment and lasts very long without any severe damages. They are best suited for bedrooms and living rooms. It can also be engineered wooding flooring that is available for all wooden species.
  4. Ceramic Tile Flooring
    The most commonly found flooring material is the ceramic tiling style i.e using tiles to do the flooring. They are durable, non-porous, and has become more of a style statement. Since it is waterproof, it is best suited for kitchen, bathrooms, etc. and owing to the attractiveness it also suits the living room and other spaces as well.
  5. Carpet Flooring
    The carpet flooring is exactly what it sounds like. It is about laying a whole carpet in the full space as a type of flooring instead of any other tiles, stones, or woods. It is soft, warm, and durable. It helps cut down the noise and is also not very expensive.


The dog is not only a four-legged animal taking shelter in your home, but it is also your best friend who eventually become a member of the family. When you get a dog, it is your responsibility to make sure that it is fine, happy, and healthy.

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But when you live in a small apartment, it might get difficult to please the dog and maintain proper health. But it is possible if a few things are taken care of. Those things include the following.

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  • Good physical exercise
    One of the main factors to keep your dog happy and healthy is to make sure that it gets the right amount of physical exercise and outings every day. It shouldn’t be home all day. Since the apartment is small, they should be taken out in open natural spaces where they can let out their energy.
  • Give the dog its space at home
    Dogs find it way more relaxing and comforting if they have their own place in the house that is just theirs where they can return and relax. It could be a dog bed with its toys, or a corner, wherever. It feels like its own territory which makes it calm and happy, like a dog space.
  • Make some dog friends
    Dogs can communicate with other dogs in a way which is not possible for us to understand. It is good for them to have someone to talk to, and who doesn’t like friends anyway. The dogs can bond, play with each other, and have a great time, which will keep the dog very happy and always healthy.
  • Stick to a routine
    With dogs, it is best to have a fixed schedule for every walk, meal, and other things. Do not make frequent changes or be irregular in these little things. Keep a fixed time for everything so that the dog knows when to expect what and is never confused or disoriented.
  • Visit the vet regularly
    Now since the apartments are small, the dog needs to be taken out. When taken out there might be many foreign bodies that could enter its body through air pollutants or from something that it might have eaten outside etc. Therefore regular visits to the vet are highly recommended for the dog to be healthy and ultimately happy.


Bedrooms are really private and intimate spaces for people so all the interiors in that space are completely personal and may differ from individual to individual.

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But in general, bedrooms are usually our comfort zones, it is like our territory to which we come back at the end of the day to feel that comfort, warmth and secureness. They are also the places where we start our day. So usually the bedroom colours are kept soft, soothing, and pleasant to make the ambience in the room positive, energetic, and joyous.

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There are no fixed templates to colour the bedrooms but the colours listed below hold a great effect and are preferred in spaces like bedrooms.

★ Soft Green
The soft green shade gives a nice hue to the room since it has warmth and coolness both present in it. The soft, eye-pleasing, relaxing nature of the colour makes it feel like home. To top it up the green family has abundance of shades to choose from, so there is a shade for every personality out there.

★ Smooth Blue
It is a known fact the shades of the blue family are soothing as it slows down the heart rate, reduces blood pressure, and therefore suits the best for relaxation purposes which is one of the main objectives of spaces like a bedroom. It reflects the colour of the sky on a clean clear crisp day.

★ Light Grey
A light touch of grey can completely change the look of the bedroom. It has a feature to bring out the calmness. Its smoothness, silence, elegance just makes it feel like everything is fine and good-going which is mostly what we need in bedrooms when we lay down.

★ Dark Lavender
The darker shade of lavender colour does not necessarily have to be bright and harsh. It can be soft and soothing. The colour though perceived to be feminine, it is a completely elegant and gracious choice. It does not keep the spotlight on itself rather helps to enhance the furniture in the room.

★ Deep Navy
The deep navy is often in the royal blue family. It is more on the darker shade scale. This colour creates an environment of elegance and class. It is most suited with lighter shades of furniture. It is known to be a calming element in the bedroom since the shade is deep.